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What exactly can we do for you? pro-Actuate makes innovation & roll-out easy and effective for you. We offer five distinctive expertises:

pro-Actuate is your route-to-market specialist.

First step
The first step is to take a realistic look at the chances for your product or brand ideas. A process evaluation is a quick, low-cost, no-risk way to explore your opportunities and options. Armed with positive results, you can decide to take matters further with confidence.

Unique, integrated approach

pro-Actuate takes a unique, integrated approach to delivering successful innovations. This approach:

Our phased process design gives you optimal control over timing, budget and quality, resulting in a high success rate.

These phases are designed to complete a product introduction while at the same time giving the opportunity to manage the process. This results in better control. Our process is based on best practice of successful introductions and helps to increase the hit-rate of your effort.

The pro-Actuate Six-Step Innovation Guideline

The pro-Actuate Six-Step Innovation Guideline gives equal emphasis to both upstream and downstream processes. This systematic approach makes sure all aspects of innovation are covered and that learnings are exchangeable. As a result, the chances that an innovation will enjoy lasting success are significantly increased.

Managing the upstream phase

Most companies tend to concentrate their management efforts and resources on the more familiar downstream phase. But managing the upstream part is equally vital, for three reasons:

Managing the downstream phase

It is important that the downstream phase is managed efficiently because this phase involves the greatest investment of time and money. What's more, any delay in introducing the product onto the market represents a significant loss of revenues. If the market is also unfamiliar, it's important to involve local consumers early to avoid unexpected difficulties arising later. Thanks to pro-Actuate's extensive hands-on experience in introducing innovations in many different European markets, we can help clients avoid pitfalls and become more effective.

Integrating the upstream and downstream phases will

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