actuate = make innovation work

Our vision

Explore new markets and change opportunities into sustainable interests is an important waytowards growth. pro-Actuate wants to contribute to a better understanding between you and your customers and/or potential partners. pro-Actuate will support your growth plans to become profitable reality.

Senseo coffee (Douwe Egberts and Philips), has achieved a phenomenal 25% market share in The Netherlands and is growing rapidly internationally. "Ton has played an important role in developing the Senseo business for Philips. He balances a strong consumer focus with business orientation and is thorough in execution. He has contributed strongly to building the alliance."

Paul Bromberg, Vice-President of Strategy, Philips

"Ton is committed to excellent strategic deployment. His focus and his skills to mobilise teams get outstanding results."

Jan van Bon, European President Snackfood, Masterfoods

"Mr Langeler can convince customers and colleagues. He is flexible and creative in his approach."

M. Bosma, Berenschot

pro-Actuate - specialists in innovation delivery

pro-Actuate offers innovation processes and project solutions, and is specialised in leading innovation projects through to success. 'Actuate' stands for 'start-up', 'motivate', 'make it work'. We go further than simply advise clients on how to generate and choose a strong product idea; we help them launch it on the market and roll it out. In other words, we not only help you 'do the right project', we also help you 'do the project right' - in a practical, hands-on way. We can help you with project management skills, we can manage the whole project, from start to finish, or provide assistance with any part of it while looking at in the larger perspective.

Who we are

pro-Actuate has extensive experience of marketing and new product development. Ton Langeler - pro-Actuate's MD - has an Engineering and MBA degree, and has led the introduction of many household-name products, including M&M's Crispy, Amicelli chocolates and Senseo. With its extensive knowledge of innovation pathways and in-depth understanding of European markets, pro-Actuate is well-placed to advise companies of all sizes on the best way to meet the challenge of innovation. Companies who have already made use of pro-Actuate's innovation management services include Friesland Foods, IFF, Pedigree Petfood, Masterfoods, Nestlé and Royal Shell.

Business Cases

Innovation Process Design;

Making a step change in Innovation Efficiency by redesigning and simplifying the innovation process including metrics for Continuous Improvement. [For the Head Office of a global beer brewery]

Business Planning for New Ventures;

Integrating a financial planning refinement process - from Size of Opportunity to Post Introduction Evaluation - into an existing innovation process. [For the Nutrition Research Centre of an international food manufacturer]

Customer Led Concept Design;

A high speed turn-around innovation strategy project where new direction was given to the platforms of product development with support of over 50 customers. [For a multi-national machine manufacturer]

Alliance Management;

Identifying sales opportunity areas and developed a project approach to seize the opportunities with our Allianc>ing model. [For an international Pet Care client]

Project management;

New Product/Brand Development and Product Introductions - managing multi-discipline teams and partnerships between companies to successful innovations. [For a wide variety of businesses]

Opportunity Study;

Researching theoptions and feasibility of the market development for an vegetable oil. [Sponsored by one of the largest oil companies]

Insight generation;

Researching customer needs with our Product Pre- emptability toolkit. [For one of the divisions of a major European diary firm]


Organising a creative session in Spain based on drama techniques. The methodology was particularly appreciated by the client because it was 'very close to appealing consumer communication' versus conventional brainstorm techniques. [For an industry leader in garment care products]

Consumer Research;

Scoping out a leading edge dietary trend. [For a major Swiss based multi-national client]

Consumer Research;

Running a live polling and consumer research session during an Innovation conference. [For a training and conference organisation]

Asset Utilisation;

Evaluating a wide range of options to improve asset utilisation in a particular category. [For a global chocolate manufacturer]

Brand development training;

Developing an in-company training on brand development and innovation. [For a US based B-to-B ingredients firm]